Read This To Reap Personal Success....

Over a two billion people in the world now speak ENGLISH language....!
This figure is ever growing.
ENGLISH is the dominant international language in communications, science and technology. The ability to speak and understand this language is mandatory in certain fields, professions and occupations. It is the Lingua Franca of the mordern era. Many companies and the governments demand a firm command. Of this language while hiring jobs.
ENGLISH is very essential in this cut-throat competitive world. You many have a number of excellent qualities, qualifications, skills and ideas. But do you think you are able to make use of them to achieve personal success without English language ?
Speaking English freely, fluently and stylishly is an added advantage to improve your career, your study,your business and your transaction with men and money. All the academic and professional qualifications you have acquired so for would be of little worth, as longas you can't communicate your knowledge, thoughts,feelings and ideas in 'English'.
You may read write and understand English but can't speak freely with all.....why ?
Remember : Spoken English is quite differnt from English you learn at School or College, when you try to speak, you try to copy the style of written English, you start to translate from your mother tongue, joining one word to the next.....but you stop to speak and start to feel :fear tension, hesitation, inferiority complex..... and finally you say "I can't speak English"
Dear Friends : We shake off your mental - blocks through an innovative practical "Psycho-Linguistic Techinque" which makes you confident, soothes your heart beats, relieves your tenstion, shakes off fear, twists your tongue to speak freely, pushes you to feel superior, inspires to face people, increases your memory power,develops your personality, boosts your morality and keeps you healthy.
This coures is 'All in One'. It trains you in body language, spelling improvement, grammar, meditation, public speaking skills,interview skills, relaxation techniques and study skills.
We enable you to blossom forth into genius and there by to secure an impressive status in the society.
This coures is for - officials: Teachers, students, Home Makers, Businessmen, professionals, Lawyers, job seekers, clerks and others - we train you to overcome fear, tension, hesitation, inferiority complex and other mental blocks through self-hypnotism and psyco-linguistic.