About Us

At Mind Synergy, we are a team of passionate individuals and innovators. We come with varied skillsets, but one common passion – adoption of initiatives related to mind development of young India. Sudoku is our first venture, and we shall be working with schools and students very closely.


Rakesh Rai
Rakesh is the founder of Mind Synergy and is among the top Sudoku players in the world. He has been part of many World Sudoku Championships, representing Team India. He has also been deeply involved in organization of Sudoku events all over India. He is passionate about Sudoku and puzzles and wants to take it to the youngsters of today seamlessly.


Sachin Kumar

Sachin is a founding member of Team Mind Synergy and runs the Event, Marketing & Sales Teams. He brings 13+ years of Marketing & Sales experience to Mind Synergy. His vision is to bring awareness about Sudoku from school level. He wants to dedicate his coming years to achieve Sudoku and logic awareness and intensification among students.


Shivani Sharma
Shivani is a founding member of Team Mindsynergy having 10 years of consulting and in-house human resources experience. Prior to Mind Synergy, she specialized in Leadership and Talent Development consulting within the Financial Services and Education sectors.


Smita Sharma
Smita understands the pulse of the younger generation well and plays a strategic role in the design of Mind Synergy Service Offerings and Events. Smita brings fifteen years of extensive experience in the fields of Education and Business Management. She is an alumnus of Patna Science College and EMPI New Delhi.